laments during a pandemic

laments during a pandemic

Frustration, agony, confusion, clueless, what the heck is going on, helpless, fear, no clear idea, and totally all together antagonized. This is the state of my mind right now and many I believe so. Worldwide and countrywide lockdown continues. As a seminary student, though I haven’t lost anything such as a job (since I am not working at the moment and a full-time student) and no known COVID-19 victims so far from my end. I live in an apartment located in a middle-class suburban area of Bangalore. To speak the truth, I enjoyed the last two months of lockdown. During this period, I had plenty of time to read many books and do some experiment on cooking. Some of my married friends anxious about their family need but as a single I don’t have such burdens.

On one hand, some countries managed well to control pandemic infections such as New Zealand, Taiwan, Singapore, Finland, and Germany, on the other, some others in a chaotic situation for instance the USA, the UK, and Brazil. Two months back, China was the epicenter of the coronavirus and right now it is screening and restricting passengers who are traveling to its land. No solution or vaccine is available so far and no clear answer was given when it will available to the world from anyone. The World Health Organization (WHO) is heavily criticized by President Trump and vice versa. Some national leaders are calling its citizens to stay at home, however, they are also welcoming who protest against it. Sadly, migrant workers in India are kicked off like a football. Even footballs have a price and respect when compared with migrant laborers. They are treated as worthless human beings. In contrast, TikTok and Instagram are flourishing with posts in rich western counties. We can witness two extreme points of a social spectrum. Poor and developing countries don’t have a universal health care system and many left with the only option Death. However, COVID-19 do not mind about the socio-economic status of a human. It seeks no partiality. The rich are not bothered with outbreaks like malaria, cholera, and dengue. These epidemics still exist but only found in poverty-stricken countries and areas. If COVID-19 is similar to this, probably, we won’t be hearing announcements from the country leaders since the rich are not affected by it. The truth is that rich people are given more care and attention, the poor don’t draw any. For example, how the NRIs and migrant workers are treated in India makes a valid point on this. Though both are citizens of India, treated at the opposite extreme levels.

When I see the workers are walking hundreds of miles by foot to reach their homes, the only thing so far I can do is shed tears in prayers. I wish I can do something but helpless and frustrated. Every migrant worker is an image-bearer of God. God created every one of them in his own image though they were forgotten and mistreated by many of us. Overall, as a country we have shown our back to them, and it embarks one of the darkest periods of our time.

Dear Gracious Heavenly Father, please look into my Indian brothers, sisters, and children. Many died while walking hundreds of miles due to starvation, heat, hit by vehicles or trains, and virus. Please sow grace among the Indian ruling and opposition leaders, and also among others who can help. Let love, kindness, help, and gentleness flow among the people from you Lord. Thank you for the people who already sowing love and help. Father! protect the frontline workers who put their lives on risk helping thousands of infected patients. Also, the NGOs, the delivery agents, and their employees. Give peace to those who lost their loved ones. We pray for the vaccine to be created quickly. We know that you are sovereign and still in control, however, we rely on your guideless and mercy only. We pray for your wisdom among the leaders. In Jesus’s name, we pray. Amen!

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