The Secular Creed: Engaging Five Contemporary Claims

Rebecca McLaughlin is the author of this book. She became one of my favourite authors after reading her book “Confronting Christianity: 12 Hard Questions for the World’s Largest Religion.” But this blog page is about her recently published book called “The Secular Creed: Engaging Five Contemporary Claims.”

Like her other book, this book sheds light more on Christ’s character, work and theology. To understand the biblical God who is still relevant and not too far as an eighty old year grandpa.

Rebecca uncovers today’s famous slogans “Black Lives Matter, Love Is Love, The Gay-Rights Movement Is the New Civil-Rights Movement, Women’s Rights Are Human Rights, Transgender Women Are Women” and their association to the secular framework. She uncovers them and offers us a biblical view on them each topic as a chapter.

For instance, how ordinary church-going Christians could be deceived that they can associate with the organisations linked with these catchphrases. Though they seem equivalent to biblical justice in deeper they cut loose toward worldviews. As Black Live Matters associate itself and affirms with LGBTQ+ which is denied by the Bible. So she simply clears weed on them and explains to Christians that “Black Lives Matter because they matter to God.”

Moreover, this book contains practical wisdom which shows Christians to discern cultural events happening around us. Most importantly not to think, Bible is an outdated syllabus not relevant for the 21st century men and women, and thinking more the Bible is not an embarrassment rather it is still a glowing light that guides and comforts us even today.

Though the world may hate us Christians today for holding the biblical truth and standing on it. At the same time, Christians cannot be idle when injustice behaved before us. Rebecca’s brief work on secular creed certainly helps us Christians to keep the Biblical creed above all other worldly creeds.

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