7 Myths about Singleness

“7 Myths about Singleness” – a pastoral cry from Sam Allberry. Sam’s life is visible in this book. His pen was guided together by his head, heart, and hand. A book is really in need of the evangelical Christian community.

This book really addresses the deeper imaginative concerns about singleness. If a reader is not a Christian, then this book is not for you. Whether we agree or not, Protestant Churches put marriage above singleness. Singles are mostly not given the importance which usually married ones get in Church circles. In the East and the West, singles are received as second class citizens. Church programs and sermons are highly focused on married people.

Sam brings his own experience to the table and made it wide open in the book. Surely, he is not leading into a platform where he puts the singleness on the 1st prize podium. Neither he undermines the marriage. But Sam in his writing echoes the gospel truth. Singleness (or celibacy) is not an adversary to marriage and so do the marriage to celibacy.

God presents the gift of singleness and the gift of marriage to His children with equal credit. As a single himself, Sam paints a picture that reflects the biblical perspective and enables the reader to filter worldly views.

The author of this book directs the reader to the core biblical aspect where every believer should aspire to be: the Triune God. And wraps the book with practical wisdom to sustain the difficulties in singleness and live a contentful life in Christ.

A book should be in every church’s book stand!

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