Why Three South Indian States Rejected Modi?

Why Three South Indian States Rejected Modi?

When you see an Indian map which filled with the statistics of verdict 2019, the saffron colour(denotes BJP the ruling party) dominates all over India. In contrast, it is a different story over the south of India. Yes, three South Indian states rejected Modi? Moreover, the saffron is missing on the three Southern States of India, which are Kerala, Andra Pradesh and Tamil Nadu. Now my worry is, does it going to cost them deep in the upcoming five years of Narendra Modi’s reign who retained his position as a Prime Minister of India.

On the one hand, India is the fastest growing largest economy in the world. On the other hand, it’s human index rank dropped notably. Though it is the sixth largest economy in the world, it is not aligned with the top economic powerhouses’ other qualities such as tolerance, freedom of speech.

In 2014 election, Narendra Modi and his party promised the country that they will bring millions of job to the youngsters. Young Indias attracted towards it. His election manifesto was all about making the country more prosperous. Did they accomplish it?

In reality, what did happen amidst the demonetisation? For a few months, people have to stand in a queue to withdraw cash from ATM machines. Many of them have to open a bank account to exchange their old currencies which soon to lose their value. County was in chaos, especially the Indian middle-class families. A country like India still remains with 80% farmers community. For them, it was difficult with the shortage of currency. Their daily livelihood depends on the cash transaction. In history, no major economies did it before. But somehow, Uttar Pradesh at that time not lacking currency shortage since its Assembly election supposed to happen in a month.

Bringing the NEET exam as an entrance exam to study medicine. It is something not to do anything with the syllabus of twelfth grade. Students with financial support can excel in this exam through attending coaching classes. Someone from a middles class and below can’t afford to attend these training classes though they had a brilliant score in their pre-degree course.

Prime Minister Mr.Narendra Modi never addressed a single press conference during his five-year term. All he did was delivering speeches. It is one way. Never attended a proper “Journalist to Prime Minister” conversation. Indians will soon have to check video archives of his predecessors’ interviews, how interviews look like. Children who are growing in this period will never know. We are not able to witness this beauty of democracy.

The ruling party followed the fascism, and they were intolerant on taking criticisms. Especially, journalists who exposed the dangerous polarisation of Hindutva agendas have to face serious consequences and some lost their lives. For instance, Bangalorean Gauri Lankesh shot dead in her house by a Hindu terrorist. Sadly, convicts’ Twitter profile was followed by the Prime Minister.

These an increasing constant abuse against Dalits and minorities( Muslims and Christians ). Slogans such as “Go to Pakistan or Bangladesh” against Islam followers and mob lynching for eating Beef became a common incident in the Hindi heartlands (Uttar Pradesh, Bihar, Madhya Pradesh and Rajasthan). No open condemnation from the Prime Minister.

India is a democratic country, more importantly, a secular nation by its constituency definition. Every Indian has the right to practise any religion he/she desires. But it became non-practical if you are not a Hindu by religion?

Most importantly, People from Tamil Nadu and Kerala knew the backlogs of Hinduism since they had reformers like Periyar and Narayana Guru respectively. They can’t be fed into the lies of BJP’s Hindu polarisation idea.

People from Kerala and Tamil Nadu understood the dangerous racist steps followed by the BJP. Their only determination was to keep them out of the rule. So, the regional political parties came forward and formed a coalition with the National Congress Party. This tactic worked, however, this did not happen among states like West Bengal, Uttar Pradesh, Bihar, Delhi and Telangana.

Why Three South Indians States Rejected Modi?